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Keywords: precision positioning, actuator, linear-rotary actuator, PZT 1. Introduction Precision ... actuator based on measurement results of a surface encoder for precision ...

Precision positioning actuators are widely used in precision machines, semiconductor equipment, and measuring instruments. Linear single-axis positioning actuators driven by piezoelectric actuators (PZTs) were developed because the PZT provides high resolution and fast response. Some extend the moving stroke of the PZT-driven positioning actuator. In the “walking drive” method, he moving element is driven smoothly and continuously over a long stroke by repeating clamping and feeding of multiple PZTs [1]. An ultra-precision positioning system has been constructed by using the “working drive” combined with a laser interferometer for feedback control. The clamping PZTs make the “working drive” mechanism have large thrust force but reduce the bandwidth of the system. The smooth impact drive mechanism (SIDM), which only employs one PZT and a friction component,
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