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[ pdf ] New Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Actuator for Nanopositioning

New Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Actuator for Nanopositioning Download
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(a) FEM simulation; (b) Measurement. To obtain slider motion with the pusher in the ... A new type of ultrasonic piezoelectric actuator for ultra-precision

Physik Instrumente (PI) has developed a new type of ultrasonic piezoelectric actuator which can be used effectively in direct linear drives. The actuators are of simple construction and allow design of very compact, fast and inexpensive micropositioning systems. The actuators consist of a rectangular piezoceramic plate with a common electrode on one surface and two symmetrical excitation electrodes on the opposing surface. A pusher, which makes frictional contact with a slider is attached to one long edge of the actuator at the gap between the excitation electrodes. During operation, a two-dimensional standing wave is created by exciting the piezoceramic plate asymmetrically. The resultant motion of the pusher is linear and inclined relative to the actuator. The slider moves as a result of the minute, high-frequency, angled impulses it receives from the pusher. The article explains the working principle of the new actuators using FEM simulation data, and presents the new linear precision drives from PI which operate on this principle.
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