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[ pdf ] Optimal dynamic performance for high-precision actuators stages

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Optimal dynamic performance for high-precision actuators/stages. Curt Preissner ... Although this approach enables researchers to generate more data, the introduction of multibody .... Once FRFs for all of the desired measurement

System dynamic performance of actuator/stage groups, such as those found in optical instrument positioning systems and other high-precision applications, is dependent upon both individual component behavior and the system configuration. Experimental modal analysis techniques were implemented to determine the six degree of freedom stiffnesses and damping for individual actuator components. These experimental data were then used in a multibody dynamic computer model to investigate the effect of stage group configuration. Running the computer model through the possible stage configurations and observing the predicted vibratory response determined the optimal stage group configuration. Configuration optimization can be performed for any group of stages, provided there is stiffness and damping data available for the constituent pieces.
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