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[ pdf ] Design and realization of a solenoid for a Robocup kicking device

Design and realization of a solenoid for a Robocup kicking device Download
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In this study, a prototype of a solenoid is designed, built, and tested. .... The task for this project is to design a solenoid shooting mechanisme which

In this study, a prototype of a solenoid is designed, built, and tested. The solenoid will be used as kicking device in the turtle robots of the TechUnited Robocup team [5]. Earlier studies have investigated a solenoid as shooting mechanisme. In one study the solenoid is investigated as most suitable kicking device [1]. The other study designed and optimized a solenoid [2]. In this study a prototype solenoid is designed and tested. First, the design is tested in a computer program called FEMM. The main output of the program is the force on the plunger at several positions. Based on this information, the end speed of the plunger and the ball are calculated. To compare the real solenoid behavior with the simulation, some diŽerent tests are done. The ¯rst test is a force measuring setup in which the real force is measured at several plunger positions. Out of force the motor constant can be determined. With the motor constant, the ¯nal speed of the plunger can be calculated. The second test are some shots at diŽerent currents. During this test the current and the traveling time of the plunger are measured. With the plunger movement and traveling time, the ¯nal speed can be calculated. Finally, the calculations from the tests are compared to the output of the simulation. It becomes clear there is be a good correspondence between the simulation and experimental results. Based on the outcome of this study, recommendations are given for the actual implementation of the solenoid in the robot.
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