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[ pdf ] Integration and Automation of Manufacturing Systems by: Hugh Jack

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page 2. PREFACE. 1. INTEGRATED AND AUTOMATED MANUFACTURING . . . .13. 1.1. INTRODUCTION. 13. 1.1.1. Why Integrate? 13. 1.1.2. Why Automate? ...

1.1 INTRODUCTION An integrated system requires that there be two or more computers connected to pass information. A simple example is a robot controller and a programmable logic controller working together in a single machine. A complex example is an entire manufacturing plant with hundreds of workstations connected to a central database. The database is used to distribute work instructions, job routing data and to store quality control test results. In all cases the major issue is connecting devices for the purposes of transmitting data. Automated equipment and systems dont require human effort or direction. Although this does not require a computer based solution Automated systems benefit from some level of integration
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