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This is a brief introduction to the control of thermal systems and some ... There are many aspects of thermal control that will not be treated in this brief ...

This is a brief introduction to the control of thermal systems and some of its applications. Fundamentals of the linear theory applied to ordinary and partial di erential equations are discussed from the point of view of system and output controllability. Some nonlinear e ects that are characteristic of thermal systems are pointed out, and commonly used system identi cation models presented. Details of the control of lumped convective systems with on-o and PID control are given. Conductive, convective and advective phenomena are studied using one- dimensional models in the context of ns, long ducts and heat exchangers. Finite-di erence approximations are employed to enable the use of nite-dimensional theory. Applications to complex thermal systems like heat exchangers and networks are also described and representative experimental results shown. An extensive list of references for further study is included.
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