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The goals of process control are minimising the production costs, minimisation of the negative influences on environment and optimising the quality of the product. The first two goals can be reached by controlling the temperature in the kettle to minimise the steam usage. For good quality soap besides the temperature also the pH-level and the moisture content are important. For both the pH and moisture it is not economically interesting to use an automatic controller in batch soap processing.

1 Introduction 6 2 Control Engineering in Tanzania 7 2.1 Control Engineering at the university. 7 2.2 Control Engineering in practise 8 3 Soap .9. 3.? Saponification 9 3.2 Process Description . 10 3.3 Kettle description . 10 3.4 Cost comparison . 11 3.4.1 Existing system 11 3.4.2 System with a mechanical stirring equipment and open steam coils . 11 3.4.3 System with a stirring equipment, closed steam coils and heat regenerator . 11 3.4.4 Choice of system configuration .1. 2 4 Optimising the soap-boiling process. 13 4.1 pH control 13 4.2 Moisture control 13 4.3 Temperature control 1.3. 5 Dynamical Model of the Boiling Process . 14 5.1 Derivation of dynamical model 14 5.2 Analysis of the system . 16 6 Design of a Controller . 19 6.1 feedback control 19 6.2 feedforward control 20 6.3 feedforward-feedback control . 21 Conclusion and recommendations .2.3 References .24 Appendix A: Subjects of Control Engineering 25 Appendix B: Calculation of constants 2.7 Appendix C: Derivation of the Dynamical model . 28 Appendix D.l : Process Simulink file . 30 Appendix D.2. Controller Simulink file .3. 3
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