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The Wikibook of automatic Control Systems And Control Systems Engineering With Classical and Modern ... of designing a new control system: the Classical Approach , and the Modern ...

This book will discuss the topic of Control Systems, which is an interdisciplinary engineering topic. Methods considered here will consist of both "Classical" control methods, and "Modern" control methods. Also, discretely sampled systems (digital/computer systems) will be considered in parallel with the more common analog methods. This book will not focus on any single engineering discipline (electrical, mechanical, chemical, etc), although readers should have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of at least one discipline. This book will require prior knowledge of linear algebra, integral and differential calculus, and at least some exposure to ordinary differential equations. In addition, a prior knowledge of integral transforms, specifically the Laplace and Z transforms will be very beneficial. Also, prior knowledge of the Fourier Transform will shed more light on certain subjects. Wikibooks with information on calculus topics or transformation topics required for this book will be listed below: - Calculus - Linear Algebra - Signals and Systems - Digital Signal Processing
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