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area, some form of control using fuzzy and/or neural network methodologies. .... According to this view, a control system consists of data structures or ...

Intelligent control describes the discipline where control methods are developed that attempt to emulate important characteristics of human intelligence. These characteristics include adaptation and learning, planning under large uncertainty and coping with large amounts of data. Today, the area of intelligent control tends to encompass everything that is not characterized as conventional control; it has, however, shifting boundaries and what is called "intelligent control" today, will probably be called "control" tomorrow. The main difficulty in specifying exactly what is meant by the term Intelligent control stems from the fact that there is no agreed upon definition of human intelligence and intelligent behavior and the centuries old debate of what constitutes intelligence is still continuing, nowadays among educators, psychologists, computer scientists and engineers. Apparently the term Intelligent control was coined in the 70's by K.S. Fu. Reference 1 is the main source of the several descriptions of intelligent control and its attributes discussed in this article.
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