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Modern Credential Access Control Approach Based On Pseudonymous Download
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... Security, VOL.7 No.10, October 2007 129 Modern Credential Access Control Approach Based On Pseudonymous Signature Faiz Ahmad, Rajesh Jalnekar Department of Computer Engineering ...

This paper proposes a modern credential access control approach which allows the organizations to provide their resources/services on the internet and grant access rights to users by employing Cryptographic Pseudonymous Signature. The concepts of Modern Credentials and Pseudonymous Signature are proposed with respect to Pseudonymous Identification Scheme to facilitate pseudonymity in access control service. These mechanisms highly protect the privacy rights of users and organizations and resolve the problem of scalability in identity and key-based access control systems: The prover keeps anonymous to verifier by informing the pseudonyms to receiver, and the receiver can not identify the sender from his pseudonym, but upon verifying the pseudonymous signature he can be ensured that the pseudonym belong to a trusted anonymous user from the trusted domain . Key words : Modern Credential, Access Control, Pseudonymous Certificates, Privacy.
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