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We will focus on them, then approach some subjects closer to modern control theory. Engineering psychology began in the days of classical control theory, but it adopted some ...

Presented at the 19th annual meeting of The Control Systems Group at Marymount College in Los Angeles, July 23-27, 2003, this paper includes a simulation of multiple control systems sharing a common environment. Each control system computes a perceptual variable which is a weighted sum of all of the environmental variables involved, The weights are selected at random. The output of each control system affects all of the same environmental variables through a matrix that is the transpose of the input weight matrix. The result is that each control system can keep its own perceptual signal close to the value of whatever reference signal it is given, independently of all the other systems. This is a “worst case” scenario; an observer seeing only the environmental variables could not tell what variable any of the control systems was controlling. Source code (Delphi) is included.
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