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Control has been a linchpin of the modern age. .... the frequency response approach used by the communication ... The Modern Control Period: Post 1955

GENERAL ⎜ ARTICLE To control an object means to influence its behaviour so as to achieve a desired goal. To implement this influence, engineers build various devices that incorporate several mathematical techniques. The study of these devices and their interaction with the object being controlled is the Letís begin with a simple question. When did you last use the word control? Perhaps, one may have to think for a while. But the paradox is that one invariably uses this almost in every walk  He has no control over his expenditure  The driver lost control and collided head on  The law and order situation in the city is out of control These are a few common phrases we come across all the time. There are many new products and services being introduced everyday that depend on control systems. Yet, they are never identified as control invisible.
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