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... associated in delivering effective PBL, we will approach modeling and design PBL from control systems engineering perspectives. Control systems play fundamental role in modern ...

Project Based Learning (PBL) is one prominent constructivist pedagogy practice. Constructivist pedagogy is a paradigm that perceives learning as process of constructing knowledge by learners themselves instead of the teacher taking the role of passively pouring information in their minds [1]. In constructivism, learning is a continuous journey of meanings searching. The meanings require getting the whole picture first and understanding the parts that this picture is composed of, that is learning should focus on concepts and contextualization instead of instructing isolated facts [2]. In the process of knowledge creation, students are linking new knowledge with their previous knowledge, the studentís social interaction with peers and the teacher, the studentís individual learning style and learning capabilities are all important factors that constructivism shed light on. Since constructivism emphasizes the learnerís important role in knowledge construction, the constructivism strategies in teaching are often called student-centered instruction.
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