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[ pdf ] Using Web-based laboratories for control engineering education

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Using Web-based laboratories for control engineering ... in a distance course on automatic control. To begin with, we present the approach ... processes by taking advantage of modern ...

Abstract - This paper describes the experience of the Department of Computer Sciences and Automatic Control of the Spanish University of Distance Learning (UNED) about the use of Web-based laboratories in a distance course on automatic control. To begin with, we present the approach followed to transform three conventional didactical setups (a three-tank system, a heat-flow apparatus and an electrical drive servo motor) into virtual/ remote control laboratories. This approach differentiates two layers in the construction of Webbased laboratories: the experimentation layer and the elearning layer. For the experimentation layer, LabVIEW and data acquisition boards from National Instruments are used to create the server-side applications, and Easy Java Simulations for the client-side interfaces. For the elearning layer, the eMersion environment is used to support the required flexible educational scheme.
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