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[ pdf ] Automatic Control Basic Course Laboratory Exercise 1 PID Control

Automatic Control  Basic Course Laboratory Exercise 1 PID Control Download
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The purpose of this lab is to provide understanding of fundamental concepts and principles in automatic control. We will also get acquainted with the PID controller, being the most commonly occurring controller in industry.

What is Good Control? The reason one wishes to control a process is to have it behave in a desired way. This may involve the process becoming more accurate, more reliable or more economic. In some cases the uncontrolled process is unstable and good control is necessary in order not to damage it (which sometimes can cause extensive damage). Hence, good control can mean different things in different applications. When it comes to the tank process of this lab, the following requirements could be appropriate: We obviously want the actual water level in the tank to coincide with the desired level (such that measurement = reference). If the reference changes, we want the tank level to settle quickly at the new value, without large oscillations. The control should be able to handle load disturbances such as external flows and measurement noise, i.e. disturbances acting on the measurement signal. Finally, we desire the control signal to the pump not to be extensively jerky since this leads to unnecessary wear. These properties are important in most applications. Can you think of further requirements one would like to put on good control?
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