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[ pdf ] Fuzzy Control Systems Design and Analysis

Fuzzy Control Systems Design and Analysis Download
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Short Desciption:
This book gives a comprehensive treatment of model-based fuzzy control systems. The central subject of this book is a systematic framework for the stability and design of nonlinear fuzzy control systems. Building on the so-called Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model, a number of most important issues in fuzzy control systems are addressed. These include stability analysis, systematic design procedures, incorporation of performance specifications, robustness, optimality, numerical implementations, and last but not the least, applications. FUZZY CONTROL SYSTEMS DESIGN AND ANALYSIS A Linear Matrix Inequality Approach KAZUO TANAKA and HUA O. WANG,

This book is intended to be used either as a textbook or as a reference for control researchers and engineers. For the first objective, the book can be used as a graduate textbook or upper level undergraduate textbook. It is particularly rewarding that using the approaches presented in this book, a student just entering the field of control can solve a large class of problems that would normally require rather advanced training at the graduate level. This book is organized into 15 chapters. Figure 1.1 shows the relation among chapters in this book. For example, Chapters 13 provide the basis for Chapters 45. Chapters 13, 9, and 10 are necessary prerequisites to understand Chapter 11. Beyond Chapter 3, all chapters, with the exception of Chapters 7, 11, and 13, are designed to be basically independent of each other, to give the reader flexibility in progressing through the materials of this book. Chapters 13 contain the fundamental materials for later chapters. The level of mathematical sophistication and prior knowledge in control have been kept in an elementary context. This part is suitable as a starting point in a graduate-level course. Chapters 415 cover advanced analysis and design topics which may require a higher level of mathematical sophistication and advanced knowledge of control engineering. This part provides a wide range of advanced topics for a graduate-level course and more importantly some timely and powerful analysis and design techniques for researchers and engineers in systems and controls. Each chapter from 1 to 15 ends with a section of references which contain the most relevant literature for the specific topic of each chapter. To probe further into each topic, the readers are encouraged to consult with the listed references.
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