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1 Fuzzy Logic in Power Engineering Professor Mohammed Zeki Khedher Jordan University Amman-Jordan Email: khedher@fet.ju.edu.jo 1. Artificial Intelligence in Power Engineering: The goal of ...

1. Artificial Intelligence in Power Engineering: The goal of introduction of AI in equipment or software is to produce a machine or a system that simulate or emulate a human being’s intelligence. AI consists of few sub-fields. Apart from those related to pattern recognition, natural language processing, it covers the fields of expert system, neural networks, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms. The last four techniques, found an increasing number of applications in industry in general and in power engineering field in specific(1). In 1988, the first symposium on the application of expert system in power systems was held in Stockholm. In 1991, the International Forum on Applications of Neural Networks to Power Systems was held in Washington.
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