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Hybrid means, in general, heterogeneous in nature or composition and the term hybrid systems means systems with behavior de ned by entities or processes of distinct characteristics. Here the term hybrid refers to combinations or compositions of continuous and discrete parts and a hybrid dynamical system is understood to mean a dynamical system where the behavior of interest is determined by interacting continuous and discrete dynamics.

The hybrid systems of interest contain two distinct types of components, subsystems with continuous dynamics and subsystems with discrete dynamics that interact with each other. Such hybrid systems arise in varied contexts in manufacturing, communication networks, auto-pilot design, automotive engine control, computer synchronization, trac control, and chemical processes, among others. Hybrid systems have a central role in embedded control systems that interact with the physical world. They also arise from the hierarchical organization of complex systems, and from the interaction of discrete planning algorithms and continuous control algorithms in autonomous, intelligent systems. In this article, a brief introduction to the theory and applications of hybrid systems is presented.
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