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Nonlinear Control. Theory. Introduction. Harry G. Kwatny ... Systems. Springer–Verlag. 6. Khalil, H. K., 1996: Nonlinear Systems-2nd edition. MacMillan

Nonlinear Control Theory Introduction, Introduction Course Overview, Using Mathematica Nonlinear Dynamics, Stability The State Space, Equilibria & Stability, Hartman-GrobmanTheorem Stability ~ LiapunovMethods Geometric Foundations Manifolds, Vector Fields & Integral Curves Distributions, FrobeniusTheorem & Integral Surfaces Coordinate Transformations Controllability & Observability Controllability & Observability, Canonical Forms Stabilization via Feedback Linearization Linearization via Feedback Stabilization using IO Linearization, Gain Scheduling Observer Design Robust & Adaptive Control Tracking & Disturbance Rejection
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