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PID Control Design with Exhaustive Dynamic Encoding Algorithm for Download
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The complete design process is straightforward, and thus general operators can easily tune the existing PID controller considering operation condition change. A number of design ...

Abstract: This paper proposes a simple but effective design method of PID control using a numerical optimization method. In order to achieve both stability and performance, gain and phase margins and performance indices of step response directly compose of the cost function. Hence, the proposed approach is a multiobjective optimization problem. The main effectiveness of this approach results from the strong capability of the used optimization method. A onedimensional example concerning gain margin illustrates the practical applicability of the optimization method. The present approach has many degrees of freedom in controller design by only adjusting related weight constants. The attained PID controller is compared with Wang’s and Ho’s methods, IAE, and ISE for a high-order process, and the simulation result for various design targets shows that the proposed approach achieves desired time-domain performance with a guarantee of frequency-domain stability.
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