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SOFTWARE FOR PID CONTROLLER TUNING M. Bakoöová, J. Oravec, Ľ. Čirka Slovak ... Design of GUI for controller tuning (in Slovak). Diploma thesis. FCFT STU in Bratislava. [4]

Software for PID controller tuning PIDTOOL has been developed in the MATLAB Simulink programming environment using its graphic user interface. The main aim of the PIDTOOL design was creating user friendly tool for simple and fast identification from the step response of the controlled process as well as for simple and fast PID controller tuning and checking the quality of control. The controlled system can be identified from its step response in the form of the 1st order plus time delay transfer function or in the form of the higher order plus time delay transfer function. In the case when the transfer function of the controlled system is known, the controller tuning can be used directly. PID controllers are tuned using various experimental and analytical methods. There is a possibility to choose the type of the tuned controller, such as P, PI, PID or PD. The PIDTOOL also enables to check the quality of control of the designed controller by simulation of the closed-loop step responses. It is possible to compare properties of the designed controllers by generating several step responses with various choices of set-points, disturbances and constraints on the manipulated variable. The quality of control can be judged by calculating several integral quality criteria. The simulation results can serve for decision, whether the designed controller can be used for control of the given process. The PIDTOOL properties determine its using especially for teaching purposes.
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    Posted by sandy
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    thanks for this PIDTOOL, its really useful. http://www.vistasadindia.com

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    Posted by Vincent
    Tue Apr 06, 2010 06:40:28 PM

    Oopps need your update next Thanks CM

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