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This document describes how to link a Microsoft SQL Server 7.0/2000 (MS SQL) and a MySQL 4.x server. After linking, the linked MySQL server behaves as if it is a local SQL Server. Having linked the two servers, examples of some things you could do are automatically synchronizing each Update/Insert/Delete on the MS SQL database immediately in the tables on the linked MySQL server or write a SQL query that uses tables and data on both servers simultaneously.

1 Introduction 2 2 Why do I want to do this? 3 3 How? . 4 3.1 Step 1: Create table in SQL Server 4 3.2 Step 2: Create an identical table in MySQL . 4 3.3 Step 3: Create linked server in MS SQL Server . 5 3.4 Step 4: Create triggers on the SQL Server table 8 3.5 Step 5: Insert data into the SQL Server table . 9
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