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Fundamentals of Compressible Fluid Mechanics Download
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This chapter is a review of the fundamentals that the student is expected to know. The basic principles are related to the basic conservation principle. Several terms will be reviewed such as stream lines. In addition the basic Bernoulli's equation will be derived for incompressible ow and later for compressible ow. Several application of the uid mechanics will demonstrated. This material is not covered in the history chapter.

What is Compressible Flow ? This book deals with an introduction1 to the ow of compressible substances (gases). The main difference between compressible ow and almost incompressible ow is not the fact that compressibility has to be considered. Rather, the difference is in two phenomena that do not exist in incompressible ow2. The rst phenomenon is the very sharp discontinuity (jump) in the ow in properties. The second phenomenon is the choking of the ow. Choking is when downstream variations don't effect the ow3. Though choking occurs in certain pipe flows in astronomy, there also are situations of choking in general (external) ow4. Choking is referred to as the situation where downstream conditions, which are beyond a critical value(s), doesn't affect the flow.
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