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Guide to Industrial Fiber Optics The purpose of this Guide is to ... be separated and that the true benefits of fiber optic communications can be utilized effectively for industrial ...

The purpose of this Guide is to provide the industrial user enough information about fiber optics to install and successfully use the Carrier-band Fiber Optic Repeater. Fiber optic technology has caught the imagination of many people. The ability to shine a light through a small glass fiber over considerable distances has been utilized for diverse applications. • Long distance telephone lines use fiber optics. Signals for many conversations can be carried over a single fiber without amplifiers. • An anti-tank missile uses fiber optic cable for flight control. Signals on fiber optic cables cannot be jammed. • Medical equipment uses fiber optics to illuminate and observe inside the body and in some cases to send high-energy laser pulses through the fiber to perform internal surgery. • An intrusion alarm system uses fiber optic cable as the sensing element.
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