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 pdf fileMotherboard, CPU and RAM Troubleshooting
Do you get a live screen? A message saying "No Video Signal" or anything similar doesn't count as a live screen in this case. You need to get at least as far as a BIOS screen, either the system BIOS or an adapter BIOS loading.

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This paper takes a keen look at the histor y of com p uter techno logy with a view to encourag ing com puter or electrical electroni c en gineering students to embrace and learn the history of their profession a nd its technologies. Reedy (198 4) quoted Aldous Huxley thus: “that m e n do not learn very m u ch from the lessons of history is the m o s t im portant of all the lessons that history has to teac h.” T h is paper therefore em phasi zes the need to s t ud y histo r y of the com p uter because a prope r study and understanding of the evolution of com puters wil l undoubtedly help to greatly im pr ove on com puter technologies

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