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Control code is a concept that is closely related to a frequently occurring practitioner’s view on what is a program: code that is capable of controlling the behaviour of some machine. We present a logical approach to explain issues concerning control codes that are independent of the details of the behaviours that are controlled. Using this approach, such issues can be explained at a very abstract level. We use the approach among other things to explain the well-known compiler fixed point

In theoretical computer science, the meaning of programs usually plays a prominent part in the explanation of many issues concerning programs. Moreover, what is taken for the meaning of programs is mathematical by nature. On the other hand, it is customary that practitioners do not fall back on the mathematical meaning of programs in case explanation of issues concerning programs is needed. More often than not, they phrase their explanations from the viewpoint that a program is code that is capable of controlling the behaviour of some machine. Both theorists and practitioners tend to ignore the existence of this contrast. In order to break through this, we as theorists make in this paper an attempt to map out the way in which practitioners explain issues concerning programs. We informally define control code as code that is capable of controlling the behaviour of some machine. We believe that there are control codes that fail to qualify as programs. For that reason, we make the distinction between control codes and programs.
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