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A chapter covering the basic technical issues related to designing and selecting hardware to interface computers to mechatronic devices. This chapter delves into the basic aspects of the closed control loop in terms of protection, isolation and signal conversion between external systems and the computer. The chapter also looks in some detail at the problems of digital control including quantisation error in A/D conversion and the problems associated with transducers.

Most modern devices that engineers encounter in the industrial environment are mechatronic in nature. That is, they are a combination of some or all of the following elements: Mechanical components (both moving and stationary) Electro-mechanical components (motors, solenoids, relays, etc.) Traditional power circuits (single and three-phase power supplies) Power electronic circuits (servo drives, switched-mode power supplies, etc.) Digital circuits (discrete combinational logic and microprocessor logic) Analog circuits (transistor amplifiers, etc.) Energy conversion devices (transducers) Software. In simple terms, mechatronic systems involve the application of digital and analog electronics and computer systems to the control of both traditional and modern mechanical devices. Since nearly every one of the elements in a mechatronic system is very nearly the basis of a professional discipline in its own right, the task of designing such devices and interfacing them to other computer systems can be quite daunting. No single text can therefore cover in absolute detail the spectrum of issues related to designing and interfacing to mechatronic systems and this text certainly does not endeavour to do so. This text, and this chapter in particular, should be viewed as an index that gives the reader an overview of the problems involved in interfacing digital electronics (particularly computers) to industrial systems. The title of this chapter and this book are somewhat ambiguous and deliberately so. The reason for the ambiguity is that sometimes we need to interface computers to mechatronic systems that already have computer control and other times we need to interface computers to mechatronic systems that may have analog and digital power electronics, but no computer control. In both cases, the introduction of a computer ultimately creates a larger mechatronic system and hence the ambiguity. Interfacing industrial signals to computers (or computer-based devices) can be a complex and time consuming task. There are many problems involved in isolating low- voltage, low-current computer circuits from the high voltages and currents that are prevalent in industrial environments. However, these problems are just one part of the overall interfacing dilemma. Converting signals from one energy form to another or reducing or amplifying signal levels is the other part of the problem.
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