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The current technological designs are highly complex and interdisciplinary in nature involving synergistic integration of many aspects of engineering knowledge base. The integration of various theories, principles , techniques, methodologies and standards to cater to the pressing needs have long been emerging as new multi-disciplinary subject in the name of mechatronics, which has been attracting not only manufacturers but also engineers, developers, researchers and academicians. Advanced technological designs are highly complex and interdisciplinary nature involving synergistic integration of mechatronics, photonics, computronics and communication. Technological designs have become a high risk endeavor due to the lack of knowledge and experience on interdisciplinary subjects and methods. Synergetic integration is solitarily logic based integration. Combined action and cooperation increases effectiveness and productivity.

The knowledge of mechatronics is a prime requirement and is considered as fundamental to engineers of all fields. The concept of mechatronics is very important today to meet the customers’ ever increasing demands and still remain competitive in the global market. Very often a mechanical engineer without the mechatronics background is considered equivalent to a mechanical engineer without the engineering drawing knowledge. The growing importance of mechatronics, a truly multidisciplinary approach to engineering, is becoming increasingly apparent. New products and systems based on the integrated application of mechanics, electronic and computing engineering technologies are demonstrating reduced mechanical complexity, increased performance, and often, previously impossible capabilities. Mechatronics system has become increasingly popular because of their versatility, functionality and high integration level. These advantages have been stimulated by factors including developments in microprocessors, new and improved sensors and actuators, advances in design and analysis methods, simulation tool and novel software techniques. To improve communication, control capabilities, implementation simplicity, efficiency, reliability and safety system design. Mechatronics is the challenge for future intelligent tools. An expansion of today technologies is expected in application of nanoelectgronics, bio and molecular technologies. Future is in micromechatronics to reach the unique quality of the system for new application areas. Mechatronic has a bright future and will grow steadily in the 21 st century
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