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The Mechatronics Handbook is highly recommended for academic libraries supporting undergraduate or advanced programs in electronics, electrical engineering, computer science, robotics, and related subjects.

The Mechatronics Handbook is highly recommended for academic libraries supporting undergraduate or advanced programs in electronics, electrical engineering, computer science, robotics, and related subjects. -Holly Flynn, Mathematics Librarian, Michigan State University Vernon G. Grove Research Library This handbook is a prime example of such a new compilation of basic sciences and engineering knowledge from the mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, and computer and information sciences fields. To this reviewer's view, the editor and his author associates have made an excellent selection of topics to present a good overall view of this new and important field. - CHOICE, September 2002 Product Description Mechatronics has evolved into a way of life in engineering practice, and indeed pervades virtually every aspect of the modern world. As the synergistic integration of mechanical, electrical, and computer systems, the successful implementation of mechatronic systems requires the integrated expertise of specialists from each of these areas. Destined to become a standard reference for engineering professionals around the world, The Mechatronics Handbook provides a unique, detailed overview of this vibrant, dynamic field and sets forth its state of the art. More than 60 articles authored by a stellar panel of academics and practitioners explore every facet of the field, from an overview of its history, through the underlying theories, systems, processes, and practice to perspectives on the field's current and future trends. The world of mechatronics is wide open, full of potential and bright possibilities. The Mechatronics Handbook is a landmark work that is both your portal to that world and your roadmap through its intricacies.
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    i am a university teacher in electronics. thank you for your kindness.

    Posted by Kawan
    Tue Jul 24, 2012 05:03:16 PM

    Link does not work

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    Hi all, I have fix the broken link.. please try download again. If you have any questions contact me use the contact form

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    The link is broken, cant download

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    It is a broken link. I have tried download many times, without success.

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