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[ pdf ] PIC 16F876 Tutorial Hardware

PIC 16F876 Tutorial Hardware Download
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The hardware required consists of a number of small boards (built on Veroboard), which connect together via ten pin leads using Molex connectors. The first board (Main Board) carries the PIC16F628 processor and 5V regulator - the board can be fed from a simple 9V battery. Some of the later tutorials will require two processor boards, this is the reason for the second connector on PortB - the two processors will communicate with each other over a standard 9600 baud serial bus, the second board can be either powered from the first (using a four wire connection lead), or powered from it's own supply (using a three wire connection lead). The lead consists of a ground wire, RB1 to RB2, RB2 to RB1, and an optional 5V wire. RB1 and RB2 cross over so we can experiment with the built-in hardware USART as well as software serial communications.

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