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What is OPC? OLE for Process Control (OPC) is a software interface technology used to facilitate the transfer of data between industrial control systems, Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), supervisory systems and enterprise systems such as historical databases. It was developed in response to the need for a standardized method for allowing different control systems to interface with each other. Today it has grown to be the leading technology for integrating different control products.

This report is the first of three white papers outlining the findings from a study on OPC security conducted by Byres Research, Digital Bond and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. The objective of this study was to create a series of simple, authoritative white papers that summarized current good practices for securing OPC client and server applications running on Windows-based hosts. The full study is divided into three Good Practice Guides for Securing OPC as follows: OPC Security White Paper #1 Understanding OPC and How it is Used: An introduction to what OPC is, what are its basic components and how is it actually deployed in the real world.
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