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This manual contains information required to use the CP1E. Read this manual completely and be sure you understand the contents before attempting to use the CP1E.

Section Contents Section 1 Overview This section gives an overview of the CP1E, describes its application procedures. Section 2 CPu unit Memory This section describes the types of internal memory in a CP1E CPU Unit and the data that is stored. Section 3 CPu unit Operation This section describes the operation of a CP1E CPU Unit. Section 4 Programming Concepts This section provides basic information on designing ladder programs for a CP1E CPU Unit. Section 5 I/O Memory This section describes the types of I/O memory areas in a CP1E CPU Unit and the details. Section 6 I/O Allocation This section describes I/O allocation used to exchange data between the CP1E CPU Unit and other units. Section 7 PLC Setup This section describes the PLC Setup, which are used to perform basic settings for a CP1E CPU Unit. Section 8 Overview and Allocation of Built-in Functions This section lists the built-in functions and describes the overall applica- tion flow and the allocation of the functions. Section 9 Quick-response Inputs This section describes the quick-response inputs that can be used to read signals that are shorter than the cycle time. Section 10 Interrupts This section describes the interrupts that can be used with CP1E PLCs, including input interrupts and scheduled interrupts. Section 11 High-speed Counters This section describes the high-speed counter inputs, high-speed counter interrupts, and the frequency measurement function. Section 12 Pulse Outputs This section describes positioning functions such as trapezoidal control, jogging, and origin searches. Section 13 PWM Outputs This section describes the variable-duty-factor pulse (PWM) outputs. Section 14 Serial Communications This section describes communications with Programmable Terminals (PTs) without using communications programming, no-protocol commu- nications with general components, and connections with a Modbus- RTU Easy Master, Serial PLC Link, and host computer. Section 15 Analog I/O Function This section describes the built-in analog function for NA-type CPU Units. Section 16 Built-in Functions This section describes PID temperature control, clock functions, DM backup functions, security functions. Section 17 Ethernet Option Board This section gives an overview of the Ethernet Option Board, describes its setting methods, I/O memory allocations, troubleshooting, how to connect the CX-Programmer, and how to install an Ethernet network. Section 18 Operating the Program- ming Device This section describes basic functions of the CX-Programmer, such as using the CX-Programmer to write ladder programs to control the CP1E CPU Unit, to transfer the programs to the CP1E CPU Unit, and to debug the programs. Appendices The appendices provide lists of programming instructions, the Auxiliary Area, cycle time response performance, PLC performance at power interruptions.
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