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Abstract In many industrial processes, an incorrect operation can lead to irreparable damage to people, equipment, or the environment. In order to reduce risks, the electronic control systems used in this kind of processes must comply with international standard safety requirements

The solutions proposed in this article are based on the implementation of safety redundant control systems in Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs and FPGAs), now a widely used and low cost technology. The proposed methodology for safe controllers design is based on the combination of dynamic logic and redundant circuits with voting capabilities. This methodology leads to low cost PLD based control, diagnosis, and supervision systems that allow to achieve the different safety levels established in international safety standards. The use of Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs) instead of high-end Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) adds flexibility to the design of safety-related control systems and reduces costs, while maintaining high reliability and a good degree of failure detection.
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