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The way many industrial processes look today, is the result of many years of research and hard work of people commited to improve their functionality, management, and organization. One could recall the phrase ”necessity is the mother of invention”, and certainly this would fit the everyday work of control engineers and technicians working in industrial processes during the 50’s and 60’s. This necessity was the origin of devices such as the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and the Distributed Control System (DCS).

Both the PLC and the DCS systems have had an exciting development and have made a great impact on the manufacturing industry, allowing to automate industrial processes with multiple input/ouptut arrangements in real time. The fundamental advantage introduced by these systems is the fact that they use programming rather than rewiring to configure for a new application or to try out a new control strategy. Additionally, due to the solid-state nature they offer greater reliability, require less maintenance, have a longer life than mechanical relays or other analog equipment, and can withstand extreme industrial enviromental conditions. For all these reasons, they have been recognized as a significant advancement in the practice of automation. Historically PLC and DCS have been used for different tasks or in different industry segments, but as PLC and DCS systems are becoming more and more similar the vendors are now starting to actively break into and compete about each other’s customers. It will be interesting to see the future development and what future automation systems will look like when the best aspects of the two are combined.
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