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Topics: Objectives: Be able to understand and design basic input and output wiring. Be able to produce industrial wiring diagrams. PLC hardware configurations Input and outputs types Electrical wiring for inputs and outputs Relays Electrical Ladder Diagrams and JIC wiring symbols

Many PLC configurations are available, even from a single vendor. But, in each of these there are common components and concepts. The most essential components are: Power Supply - This can be built into the PLC or be an external unit. Common voltage levels required by the PLC (with and without the power supply) are 24Vdc, 120Vac, 220Vac. CPU (Central Processing Unit) - This is a computer where ladder logic is stored and processed. I/O (Input/Output) - A number of input/output terminals must be provided so that the PLC can monitor the process and initiate actions. Indicator lights - These indicate the status of the PLC including power on, program running, and a fault. These are essential when diagnosing problems
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