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The most flexible of these controllers is the PLC (Programmable. Logic Controller). The book has been set up to aid the reader, as outlined below

Designing software for control systems is difficult. Experienced controls engineers have learned many techniques that allow them to solve problems. This book was written to present methods for designing controls software using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). It is my personal hope that by employing the knowledge in the book that you will be able to quickly write controls programs that work as expected (and avoid having to learn by costly mistakes.)
This book has been designed for students with some knowledge of technology, including limited electricity, who wish to learn the discipline of practical control system design on commonly used hardware. To this end the book will use the Allen Bradley ControlLogix processors to allow depth. Although the chapters will focus on specific hardware, the techniques are portable to other PLCs. Whenever possible the IEC 61131 programming standards will be used to help in the use of other PLCs.
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    Posted by QHADER
    Tue Jan 15, 2013 09:43:56 PM

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