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This document intends to -Define a standard software architecture for PLC applications. Provide rules to establish a standard approach for the development of control functions

This document covers the development of software for PLC conventional controllers. It doesrnnot cover SIL-3 PLCs, Simatic F/FH Series, interlock (PIS) or safety (PSS) controllers. document gives details on how to meet these requirements.rnAs far as possible, the chapters below will follow the PLC application development process ofrna plant system I&C programmer, trying to give all the information in the order that thernprogrammer needs them:rn- Standard functional architecture of the PLC applicationrn- Naming and numbering conventions required throughout the development of thernapplicationrn- Hardware configuration of the PLCrn- Standard PLC software structure.rn- Interfacesrn- Core application developmentrn- Software configuration managementrn- Examples and templates
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