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in one simple and ”plug&play” system. In order to achieve this objective, we intend to combine standard-sized home electric switches and switchable sockets with PLC networking technology (PLC modem chip). Once installed (installation as easy as the installation of standard switches or sockets), these next generation switches and sockets autonomously form their own network and also connect to the local area network of the building. Base system This way, every electrical device (lights, blinds, ..) connected to one of these switches or sockets, can be controlled (switched or dimmed) and monitored via different lan connected controllers like smartphones, tablets or computers. These control applications offer every cutting-edge home automation features like controller groups, free device naming, macros, schedules and so on. Main benefits in comparison with existing home automation systems: 1. No new wiring needed (due to PLC technology) and easy installation (do-it-yourself) 2. Easy “plug&play” setup 3. No need for (expensive) central controller unit 4. Scalable installation (even only one single socket or switch could be installed) 5. Controllable from the internet The sockets and home networking Additionally to controlling sockets with the home automation system, we will profit from the PLC technology inside our next generation sockets to add a RJ45 connector to them, offering high bandwidth (up to 1000 mbit/s) connectivity to the local area network. In other words, by replacing standard sockets with our PLC sockets, you add home automation AND complete network wiring to a building.

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