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Machine control design is a unique area of engineering that requires the knowledge of certain specific and unique diagramming techniques called ladder diagramming. Although there are similarities between control diagrams and electronic diagrams, many of the component symbols and layout formats are different. This chapter provides a study of the fundamentals of developing, drawing and understanding ladder diagrams. We will begin with a description of some of the fundamental components used in ladder diagrams. The basic symbols will then be used in a study of boolean logic as applied to relay diagrams. More complicated circuits will then be discussed.

Most textbooks related to programmable controllers start with the basics of ladder logic, Boolean algebra, contacts, coils and all the other aspects of learning to program PLCs. However, once they get more deeply into the subject, they generally narrow the field of view to one particular manufacturer's unit (usually one of the more popular brands and models), and concentrate on programming that device with it's capabilities and peculiarities. This is worthwhile if the desire is to learn to program that unit. However, after finishing the PLC course, the student will most likely be employed in a position designing, programming, and maintaining systems using PLCs of another brand or model, or even more likely, many machines with many different brands and models of PLC. It seems to the authors that it would be more advantageous to approach the study of PLCs using a general language that provides a thorough knowledge of programming concepts that can be adapted to all controllers. This language would be based on a collection of different manufacturer types with generally the same programming technique and capability. Although it would be impossible to teach one programming language and technique that would be applicable to each and every programmable controller on the market, the student can be given a thorough insight into programming methods with this general approach which will allow him or her to easily adapt to any PLC encountered.
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