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[ pdf ] Speed Control of DC Motor by Programmable Logic Control with High Accuracy

Speed Control of DC Motor by Programmable Logic Control with High Accuracy Download
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PLC is proposed as the essential tool in many different applications. In this paper, the PID controller is designed to control Motor Speed based on incoming information of system and Auto tuning. The control system is simulated by powerful software Matlab and Simulink. Simulation results also show better performance of motor that reduce the rise time, steady state error and overshoot and increase system stability. Keywords PMDC Motor, Programmable Logic Controller, PID Controller, DC Drive, HMI Monitor, High Speed Counter, GMWIN Programming, Matlab Software

The designed control system can control the motor speed very quickly. The motor speed (current value) reaches to set value in a short time and very less overshoot and it is very useful for controlling speed in industrial to avoid damage to the parts. By comparing the simulation results of the system, before controlling and after that, we can conclude that many of the desired characteristics such as rise time and overshoot improve. The results of simulation and hardware implementation show the improved performance of the system.
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