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 pdf file PLCopen Motion Control Part 1 - Version 1.1
The Motion Control Function Blocks shall be applicable in the IEC 61131-3 languages with following factors in consideration: 1 Simplicity - ease of use, towards the application program builder and installation & maintenance 2 Efficiency - in the number of Function Blocks, directed to efficiency in design (and understanding) 3 Consistency - conforming to IEC 61131-3 standard 4 Universality - hardware independent 5 Flexibility - future extensions / range of application 6 Completeness - not mandatory but sufficiently

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 pdf filePLCopen Motion Control Part 2 - Extensions Version 1.0
At the end of 2001, PLCopen released the first release of the specification of an independent library of function blocks for motion control. It included motion functionality for single axes and multiple axes, several administrative tasks, as well as a state diagram. This specification provides the user with a standard command set and structure independent of the underlying architecture.

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 pdf filePLCopen Motion Control Part 3 - User Guidelines
This document is the third part of a set of documents of the PLCopen Task Force Motion Control. Currently, the set consists of 5 documents: Part 1 Basics Function Blocks for Motion Control Part 2 Extensions Part 3 User Guidelines Part 4 Coordinated Motion Part 5 Homing Procedures The first two parts are released. This document is released on an on-going basis. With every release new examples are added. The first release was as version 0.3, in April 2004. The second release in April 2008 as Version 0.4.

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 pdf fileIEC 61131-3: a standard programming resource
IEC 61131-3 is the first real endeavor to standardize programming languages for industrial automation. With its worldwide support, it is independent of any single company. IEC 61131-3 is the third part of the IEC 61131 family. This consists of: Part 1: General Overview Part 2 Hardware Part 3 Programming Languages Part 4 User Guidelines Part 5 Communication

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