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Introduction to Process Control, We often come across the term process indicating a set up or a plant that we want to control. Thus by a process we may mean a unit of chemical plant (say, a distillation column), or a manufacturing system (say, an assembly shop), or a food processing industry and so on. We may want to automate the process; we may also like to control certain parameters of the system output (say, level of a tank, pressure of steam etc.).

At the end of this lesson, the student should be able to
• Distinguish with examples the difference between sequential control and continuous process control.
• Identify three special features of a process.
• Differentiate between manipulating variable and disturbance.
• Distinguish between a SISO system and MIMO system and give at least one example in each case.
• Develop linearised mathematical models of simple systems. • Give an example of a time delay system.
• Identify the parameters on which the time delay is dependent.
• Sketch the step response of a first order system with time delay.
• State and explain the significance of transfer function matrix.

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