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[ pdf ] OMRON-PLC Beginner guide for Control System

OMRON-PLC Beginner guide for Control System Download
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In general, a Control System is a collection of electronic devices and equipment which are in place to ensure the stability, accuracy and smooth transition of a process or a manufacturing activity. It takes any form and varies in scale of implementation, from a power plant to a semi- conductor machine. As a result of rapid advancement of technology, complicated control tasks accomplished with a highly automated control system, which may be in the form of Programmable Controller (PLC) & possibly a host computer, etc. Besides signal interfacing to the field devices (such as operator panel, motors, sensors, switches, solenoid valves and etc.), capabilities in network communication enable a big scale implementation and process co—ordination besides providing greater flexibility in realizing distributed control system. Every single component in a control system plays an important role regardless of size. For instance, as shown in Fig 1.l the PLC would not know the happenings around it without any sensing devices. And if necessary, an area host computer has to be in place to co—ordinate the activities in a specific area at the shopfloor.

Using OMRON CPM1A General Specifications 41 Characteristics 42 Structure of Memory Area 43 I/O Terminal IR Bit Allocation 44 CPM2A General Specifications 45 Characteristics 46 Structure of Memory Area 48 I/O Terminal IR Bit Allocation 49 Expansion Unit for CPM1A and CPM2A 49 Example of I/O Allocation for CPM2A 410 Programming Console 412 Password Input 414 Clearing all Program 415
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