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[ pdf ] A Strategic Approach to Protecting SCADA and Process Control Systems

A Strategic Approach to Protecting SCADA and Process Control Systems Download
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This document provides an overview of the security weaknesses present in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and other Process Control Systems, the potential impact of those weaknesses and recommended steps for assessing and securing SCADA systems.

Process Control Systems (PCS) refer to the overall set of systems that remotely monitor and measure remote sensors from a centralized location. These sensors also typically possess some type of automated response capability when certain criteria are met. A subset of PCS systems that manage systems over very large geographic areas are typically referred to as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems or SCADA systems. SCADA systems make up the critical infrastructure associated with electric utilities, water and sewage treatment plants, and large-scale transportation systems like interstate rail. Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are also subsets of PCS systems. Both DCS and ICS systems are more geographically localized systems typically used in manufacturing plants and pharmaceutical production facilities.
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