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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems, File : pdf, 842 KB, 94 pages TOC CHAPT 1. INTRODUCTION Purpose Scope References Currency CHAPT 2. FUNDAMENTALS OF CONTROL General control Discrete control Analog control Classes of analog controllers Control loops Types of controllers

File : pdf, 842 KB, 94 pages TOC CHAPT 1. INTRODUCTION Purpose Scope References Currency CHAPT 2. FUNDAMENTALS OF CONTROL General control Discrete control Analog control Classes of analog controllers Control loops Types of controllers CHAPT 3. SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE General system architecture Local control Centralized control Distributed control Types of distributed control systems Programmable logic controllers Redundant PLCs Safety PLCs Recommended configurations CHAPT 4. COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY General communications Physical media Media standards Communication protocols Network topologies Network redundancy Network speed CHAPT 5. RELIABILITY CONSIDERATIONS Reliability criteria Reliability calculations Redundancy terminology Availability calculations Component reliability Systems reliability Power supply sources Segregation CHAPT 6. OPERATOR INTERFACES General interfaces Equipment level Controller level HMI Supervisory level HMI Human factors CHAPT 7. SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS Environmental threats Electronic threats Physical security Communication and information networks Software management and documentation CHAPT 8. COMMISSIONING/VALIDATION General commissioning Factory acceptance testing Integrity testing Calibration Loop verification Functional performance testing Software integrity Re-commissioning Instrument certification sheet Final control element certification sheet Control loop checkout sheet CHAPT 9. MAINTENANCE PRACTICES General maintenance Preventive maintenance Concurrent maintenance Reliability centered maintenance Operation and maintenance documentation Spare parts stocking Technical support CHAPT 10.DOCUMENTATION AND CHANGE CONTROL General documentation Symbols and identification Process and instrumentation diagrams Sequences of operation Instrument data sheets Points list Loop diagrams Binary logic diagrams Control schematics PLC program listing Change control CHAPT 11.PROJECT PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION General planning Project team selection Project initiation Requirements definition Design Construction Commissioning
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