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A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system is a widely distributedrncomputerized system primarily used to remotely control and monitor the condition ofrnfield-based assets from a central location.rnField-based assets include wells, pump sta-rntions, valves, treatment plants, tanks, and reservoirs.

For a water distribution network, the commrnon objectives of a SCADA system are torndo the following:rn• Monitor the systemrn• Obtain control over the system and enrnsure that required performance isrnalways achievedrn• Reduce operational staffing levels through automation or by operating a sys-rntem from a single central locationrn• Store data on the behavior of a systrnem and therefore achiernve full compliancernwith mandatory reporting requirements for any regulatory agencyrn• Provide information on the performancernof the system and establish effectivernasset management procedures for the systemrn• Establish efficient operation of the syrnstem by minimizing the need for rou-rntine visits to remote sites and potentially reduce power consumption duringrnpumping operations through operational optimizationrn• Provide a control system that will enrnable operating objectives to be set andrnachievedrn• Provide an alarm system that will allornw faults to be diagnosed from a centralrnpoint, thus allowing field repair trips to be made by suitably qualified staff torncorrect the given fault condition and to avoid incidents that may be damagingrnto the environment
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