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[ pdf ] Design of CAN-Based Distributed Control Systems with Optimized Configuration

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1Recent applications of distributed control systems demonstrate a new approach for the use of industrial networks. In this approach,called Networked Control Systems (NCS), the controller and the plant are physically separated and connected through a communication network (Yang, 2006). Network control systems can replace the traditional centralized and point-to-point control systems and provide several benefits such as reduced amount of wiring,increased reliability, improved capacity for system reconfiguration and ease of maintenance (Moyne and Tilbury, 2007).

A current trend in distributed control systems is the application of communication network technologies such as CAN – Controller Area Network. A recent utilization approach of these technologies is the networked control systems (NCS). The fundamental challenges in the development of NCS are the analysis of the network delay effects and the prediction of the timing behavior of the distributed control system. The common parameters that impact the performance of NCS include response time, network utilization and network delays induced by the communication of messages between the devices. In addition, the performance of a NCS is highly dependent on these messages sampling times. A significant emphasis has been put on development and application of methodologies to handle the network delay effect in these systems and improve their performances. This paper presents a detailed timing analysis and a mathematical model to calculate these network delays in CAN-based networks. With the results of this model, the application of a methodology is proposed to minimize the effects of these delays and to achieve the optimization (network operation and utilization) of a CAN-based network. A case study of a CAN-based distributed control system in a mobile robot is described to demonstrate the application of the optimization methodology and the utilization of the CAN mathematical model systemized. Keywords: CAN protocol, mathematical model, network time delays, optimization methodology
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