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[ pdf ] A Framework for Distributed Fieldbus Remote Supervisory Control System

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A Framework for Distributed Fieldbus Remote Supervisory Control System, I. INTRODUCTION IELDBUS Control System (FCS) is a new control technology developed in1990s’, which introduces the ideas of modern network communication and management into control field and is known as “Framework of Control System in 21 Century”. With the development of computer science, communications and networks, FCS connects all kinds of sensors, actuators, and controllers by fieldbus control network instead of the traditional connection of F

Abstract—In order to solve the problems of applying OPC (OLE for Process Control) technology to remote supervision, this paper proposes a new framework for distributed fieldbus remote supervisory control system based on the Windows DNA (Windows Distributed interNet Applications Architecture) developing model, which adopts the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) technologies as communication mechanisms of distributed components. This new framework has good extensibility and feasibility, and can help programmers design the distributed fieldbus remote supervisory control solutions.
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