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To motivate a field level networked digital communication architecture for implementation of distributed plant wide control; To describe the Fieldbus network protocol; To describe the basic computation and communication architecture for Fieldbus devices; To explain issues related to time synchronization, interoperabilty, communication efficiency etc. in the Fieldbus network

[ Motivations for the Fieldbus ~ Fieldbus Topology ~ Architecture of the Fieldbus ~ The Physical Layer ~ The Data Link Layer ~ The Link Active Scheduler (LAS) ~ Cyclic Communication ~ Acyclic/Unscheduled Communication ~ from cyclic communications, requirements for acyclic ~ sporadic process related events, such as, ~ Alarm ~ Operator Data Update ~ Trend Data Update ~ Set Point changes ~ Controller Tuning ~ Acyclic/Unscheduled Communication ~ Macro Cycle and Elementary Cycle ~ The Application Layer ~ Fieldbus Access Sublayer ~ One-to-one Bi-directional (QUB) ~ One-to-one Unidirectional 1 (BNU) ~ One-to-one Unidirectional 2 (QUU) ~ The Fieldbus Message Sublayer (FMS) ~ Fieldbus Devices ~ Communications Stack ~ Transducer Block ~ Realisation of Distributed Control Functions using Function Blocks in Fieldbus ]
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