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[ pdf ] A Guide to Troubleshooting PROFIBUS PA Networks

A Guide to Troubleshooting PROFIBUS PA Networks Download
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A systematic approach makes network set-up and trouble-shooting easy James Powell, PSiemens Milltron

Whether you s difficult process, particularly for the beginner; however, a systematic approach can make troubleshooting quite easy and even fun! This article outlines a procedure for troubleshooting PROFIBUS PA, and identifies some of the tools required. Network Challenges Older, less robust networks will not work at all if even one thing is incorrect. Like a series set of Christmas tree lights, one problem takes out the entire system. PROFIBUS PA, on the other hand, is like the set of parallel lights. It was designed to continue operating even if a number of things are wrong. This is a key strength of the PROFIBUS network, but it also poses some challenges. It means you may not even know if there is a problem on the network. If a PROFIBUS network is not working, it probably means there is more than one problem. . Trouble-shooting Existing Networks If all the rules are followed in installing a PROFIBUS PA network, then network will work perfectly and no troubleshooting will required. In reality, you m tr there is a lot you can do without being an expert in the PROFIBUS protocol. This is because most network problems are physical installation issues. These problems do not require in-depth network k but they do entail a fair bit of work to detect and correct. Taking a systematic, thorough approach will help you be most efficient.
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